Paolo Rossetto Artist

Born June 6, 1968 in Bolzano under the sign of art. Indeed,in his travels in Italy and abroad, visit museums and artists' studios educating his sensitivity to art. And so begun his love for art.


With his natural artistic talent together with the sense of freedom that so many artists have, Paolo stopped his studies at commercial school and decided to dedicate his life to painting. Initially most of his works were landscapes and still-life with a rather figurative element to them, which transformed into a style between surrealism and fantasy

Paolo attended the Institute of Art at Trient where he graduated in 1990.

he has developed a very individual technique using tempera, acrylics, oil, charcoal and pigments. He uses the latter material following the method once applied in the 1300s

Comments about the artist:
Rino Boccaccini, Giancarlo Mariani, Pierina Rizzardi, Severino Perelda, Kurt Mitterdorfer, Lucia Nava, Giuseppe Casiraghi, Ivana Castoldi, E.Resnati, Renato Tomasina, Ross, Tullio Vietri, Arnold Tribus, Maria Luisa Caffarelli, Virgilio Patarini, Paolo Levi, Elena Camoni, Elisa Govi, Corona Perer, Antonella Ventura, Elisa Pizzamiglio, Carlo Catiri, Giulia Sillato, D.Radini Tedeschi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Gianluigi Guarneri, Paola Bassetti Carlini, Andrea Baffoni.

Rossetto is enrolled as a member of the prestigious "Museo della Permanente" in Milan, in C.A.M. (catalogo arte moderna) N.48 Mondadori, TILTESTETICA curated by D.Radini Tedeschi, PORTO FRANCO curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, "ARTE energia dall´immaginario", limited edition fine edition (the first copy was donated to the President of the Republic Hon. Sergio Mattarella). "ILLEGAL" ( UNIKA 2018 ), Andrea Baffoni, 2018, "ATLANTE dell´ARTE CONTEMPORANEA", editore De Agostini, 2019 and 2020